Haiyang Group was established in 2001

providing the freshest, healthiest, and safest seafood products from around the world with traceability records. We are dedicated to continuously improving the quality of seafood processing. Our goal is to become a leader in seafood innovation and market leadership in Taiwan, while achieving a win-win situation for customers, employees, and the company, and ensuring sustainable growth.


Business philosophy With a market and customer-oriented approach in the globalized seafood business environment, Haiyang Group plays a role as an integrator of industry value chain resources. We are dedicated to creating marketing value and developing into an efficiently vertically integrated corporate group.

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To lead the seafood industry in excellent and sustainable development, and become the benchmark and model for the industry.

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Haiyang Group is committed to meeting the diverse market demands for seafood products. We strive to serve as an integrated and value-added platform within the global seafood value chain, aiming to achieve mutual benefits and prosperity with our customers.

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core value

Our core values revolve around mutual trust and prosperity, and we strive to demonstrate innovation, integration, and value-added functions. Haiyang Group is rooted in Taiwan while having a global perspective, aiming to become an outstanding enterprise in the globalized seafood industry.

Product quality assurance

Haiyang Group strictly maintains quality control throughout the entire process, from self-sourcing procurement, processing, packaging, to the cold chain warehousing and logistics center, as well as providing a comprehensive production and distribution platform.

From procurement to processing, logistics and storage, and a comprehensive sales network, Haiyang Group offers an end-to-end professional service. We ensure that every shrimp and fish is delivered fresh to the table.


Product purchase policy

Suppliers Certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

1.Sustainable Fishery Resources.

2.Minimizing Environmental Impact.

3.Effective Fishery Management.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve the sustainable development of marine ecosystems.



Wholesale Seafood Marketing

Aquaculture and Imported Seafood Processing

Frozen Prepared Food Research and Development

Cold Storage Rental

Professional storage and transportation logistics team

Professional sles departments&team


Our Factory

Located in Pingtung Agricultural Science Park, covering an area of 3.55 hectares, our factory spans 5,000 ping (approximately 16,500 square meters) and has a daily food processing capacity of up to 40 metric tons. We are a professional food processing facility that integrates aquaculture, sales, processing, and logistics, providing a comprehensive solution for seafood processing.

Our multifunctional logistics warehouse is equipped with a professional -25°C freezer and ambient temperature storage facilities. We have established the largest frozen infrastructure in Taiwan's aquaculture industry, offering frozen storage services to the Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan-Kaohsiung region. This facilitates diversified seafood processing, enhances technological advancements, and assists more fishermen in marketing their products. Furthermore, we contribute to the local economy by providing investment opportunities and creating over 250 job positions.


square feet




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Shrimp Moon Shrimp Cakes (240g/piece)

Use fresh specially selected white shrimp, from catching to processing, do not fake other people's hands, produce it yourself!

Thirteen Fragrance "Extreme" Shufei White Shrimp (600g/box)

It is made of a variety of traditional Chinese medicines boiled for a long time, with green peppercorns, peppercorns and other ingredients

Three cups of squid (300g/box)

Super convenient and delicious three-cup jumbo roll, no cutting, no handling, no seasoning and deicing

13 fragrant crayfish (750g/box)

Weight/Specification: 750g±10% (solid content 500g)

Taxiang New Zealand Mussels 300g±10/box

The aroma of basil, garlic, etc. is very charming after frying

Nanyang Laksa Fish Head Mini Pot (500g/box)

Can appetizer, but also enjoy the unique aroma and peerless delicacy of Nanyang Passion Laksa Fish Head Personal Pot


  • Greenland Halibut Thick Cut (350g/piece)

Away from the polluted waters of Greenland, catch wild halibut in the North Atlantic Ocean using sustainable fishing methods.

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  • Superb white shrimp (30/40)-(500g/box)

The meat is tender and the taste is sweet.

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  • Chilean Salmon Thick Cut (300g/piece)

Chilean salmon fillet from pristine seas.

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